ÆSTEEM Institute, Inc.
Advancing Education in Scientific Technology & Environmental Engineering Management 
A Florida/IRS 501(c)(3) Not-For-Profit Corporation, Federal ID #27-1093187

Our Mission, Philosophy, Goals, and Target Groups


  • To continually train/educate the work force for the organizations involved in our various enterprises.  Our highest priority is to train and educate Veterans, Service-Disabled Veterans, men and women changing jobs who want to be involved in ÆSTEEM’s mission, and those entering our workforce. Once trained, personnel will have careers in professions that cannot be shipped overseas in management of recycling and recovery of precious elements from used electronics currently choking our landfills.
  • Create a learning institution that is the center for a bold new workforce for America and the impetus for an alternative recycling corporation. 
  • Teach customized training for our organization’s requirements. We will tailor existing curricula or design new curriculum to meet emerging and new technology requirements. We never say, “We do not do that kind of teaching and training.”
  • Create partnership with educational organizations possessing certification as a VA higher learning institute eligible for veterans to use their GI Bill entitlements, as well as able to award continuing education units, and regional college accreditation for awarding college credits.


  • RESPECT FOR THE INDIVIDUAL is central to our philosophy, manifested through courtesy and civility in every endeavor.
  • CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT AND PROFESSIONAL COMPETENCE means recognizing that we exist in a dynamic environment, we foster innovation to promote continuous improvement in student, employee, and organizational development.
  • THE PASSION FOR LEARNING is an educational catalyst in which the Institute sparks the flame of human curiosity by creating an environment to ignite and sustain a passion for lifelong learning.
  • LEADERSHIP, EMPOWERMENT, and INTEGRITY are ideals we value. Leadership styles that engender trust and confidence, and that empower people to make sound decisions, are keys to our success.
  • TEAMWORK, SENSE OF BELONGING are encouraged as a sense of belonging by employees and students through promoting an atmosphere of teamwork that embraces the Institute’s mission and goals.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY is a through systematic review and valuation. We are, and will always be, publicly accountable to achieve our mission.
  • RESPONSIBILITY is what we empower learners to take on, especially for their own learning and facilitating of their achievement so that there are measurable and meaningful learning outcomes.


  • To see every employee as a teacher who facilitates and creates a learning community.
  • To ask before every decision at every level, “How will this impact, effect, and contribute to the mission of The ÆSTEEM Institute?”
  • To recognize that all members of the Institute are life-long learners as well as participants and stakeholders in this transformation.
  • To allow ourselves to be willing to identify areas of improvement, to apply solutions and proven new techniques, and to transform our practice on every level to help maximize student empowerment learning, and achievement.  
Target Groups
  • Unemployed, underemployed veterans (from all wars)
  • Disabled veterans (from all wars)
  • Homeless veterans
  • Families of veterans who need assistance
  • Others in need of employment

Your tax-free donation is acknowledged in writing by the Institute within 48 hours of receipt of your donation. Your receipt will include a copy of the IRS Exemption Letter.

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